12 Best Gifts for Preemies 2022

Having a premature baby can be a scary time for parents and more often than not, they planned on a later delivery. These best gifts for a preemie baby are a great way to show that you care during this challenging time.

Best Useful Gifts for Preemies

No Touching Baby Tag

THREE LITTLE TOTS – Pink Preemie No Touching Baby Car Seat Sign or Stroller Tag – Preemie Gift - CPSIA Safety Tested

Once you come home from the hospital, it might be hard to go to the park or store or visit relatives without someone wanting to hold your new bundle of joy. This No Touching Baby Sign gives people a reminder that while your little one is out of the hospital, they still don’t have a fully developed immune system. The tag fastens easily to your baby’s car seat or stroller, so you don’t have to keep reminding people to keep their germs away from your bundle of joy.

This preemie baby tag from Three Little Tots is doctor recommended for premature infants. The words are printed directly on the tag, so they won’t fade, and it comes with a convenient hanging strap.

No-Scratch Mittens

Midnight Preemie Mitts

Mom and Dad might already have some no-scratch mittens on hand. With NICU babies, it’s important that these mittens stay on so they don’t pull on tubes and wires they shouldn’t. These No-Scratch Mittens from Goumikids have Velcro around the wrists, so they won’t be pulled off easily like other mittens. They also use a two-part closure so they’ll stay put.

The mittens are made from organic cotton and bamboo, so they’re super soft and free of any chemicals. They are also durable and machine washable. Another benefit of these mittens is that they’ll grow with their little one. They are adjustable in size until their baby is three months old.

Premature Baby Outfit

Babyprem Premature Baby One-Piece Hat Mittens Gift Set Clothes 3.5-5.5lb Blue P2

Premature babies come with a lot of challenges, but these young infants are resilient and ready to fight. The Little Fighter Outfit from Babyprem is a wonderful reminder for parents that their premature baby is a fighter. It comes with a onesie and hat with the words, “I am a fighter” and boxing gloves on them. It also comes with mittens to keep their tiny fingers from scratching themselves.

Something nice about this set is that it comes in two premature sizes, one for babies that are between 3.5 and 5.5 pounds another for premature infants between 5.5 and 7.5 pounds. This makes it easier to get the perfect fit for a preemie newborn, rather than the standard one-size-fits-all preemie clothing.

White Noise Machine

2-in-1 Portable Sound Machine + Nightlight by Frida Baby White Noise Machine with Soothing Sounds for Stroller or Car Seat with Volume Control

After being in the NICU surrounded by humming medical equipment, babies might not sleep as easily in the silence. This White Noise Machine from FridaBaby is a great gift for once baby makes it home. Plus, this particular model is designed to be portable so that it can be used in a stroller, car seat, or the nursery.

The machine comes with five different sounds, including heartbeat and shushing. It also works as a nightlight and has three light settings for nighttime feedings. Finally, with a non-slip grip around the outside and an easy-attach strap, they’ll be able to use it anywhere they need it.

Preemie Baby Bundle

Newborn Baby Bundle - Mittens, Booties, Sleeper Pajamas, Bamboo/Organic Cotton, Welcome Baby Set (Preemie, Many Moons)

Give the gift of a little bit of everything with this Preemie Baby Bundle from Goumikids. This baby bundle comes with preemie-sized booties, no-scratch mittens, and a sleep sack. The sleep sack has attached mittens and the mittens and booties have a two-part closure system that helps them stay put on baby’s foot. Each of the items is also made from a blend of organic cotton and bamboo for preemie clothing that is soft, but durable.

In addition to the different clothing items, this bundle comes with milestone cards that say things like, “Wire-free” and “I can breathe on my own today”. The clothing and the cards all have a cute, “Many Moons” theme that would be great for little boys or girls. It makes it easy to take cute pictures of their newborn, even in the NICU.

Best Premature Baby Gifts for Parents

NICU Wooden Photo Cards

NICU Baby Gift NICU Milestone Cards - Beautifully Handcrafted Natural Wood Special Moment Photo Cards for Preemie Baby Moms Gender Neutral

Parents spend a lot of time looking forward to their baby’s first big milestones. When a baby is born prematurely, these first milestones might be a little different. These wooden Special Moment Photo Cards from Little Bobo are beautiful, handcrafted photo cards that can be used to commemorate all of their baby’s earliest milestones, even with them being in the NICU.

There are 14 photo cards in this set for all types of events, including doubling of his/her birth weight, being able to breathe on their own, breastfeeding for the first time, and more. Parents will also appreciate the inspirational cards that say things like, “I am a fighter” and “I was brave today”.

NICU New Dad Mom Keychain

NICU New Dad Mom Keychain Preemie Baby Daddy Mommy Parents to Be Gifts Pregnancy Announcement Gifts for First Time Mother Father Dads Moms Fathers' Mothers' Valentines' Day Gifts for Him and Her

The NICU Keychain is a thoughtful, sentimental gift for the parents of a NICU baby. This set comes with two keychains engraved with “Mommy of a tiny & mighty fighter” and “Daddy of a tiny & mighty fighter”. It also has an extra charm that has two, tiny baby footprints.

They’ll love these keychains that remind them of their little one wherever they are. Each of these is made from durable stainless steel that is lightweight, but durable. It also won’t become tarnished easily so the words and the designs will last for a long time. The key chains will keep their design long after the parents bring their baby home.

Owlet Smart Sock Plus

Owlet - Smart Sock Plus Monitor - Monitors Heart Rate and Oxygen for Baby and Child Safety, iOS and Android Compatible - Green, 0-5 Years

The Owlet Smart Sock Plus system is a great gift for offering parents of NICU babies a little peace of mind. In addition to monitoring sleep cycles like the Owlet 2, this monitors heart rate and oxygen levels. Their baby will wear the sock at night and they’ll receive notifications if they should check on baby.

The sock is super easy to charge and has a 16-hour battery life after a 90 minute charge. It will charge to eight hours of use after just 20 minutes. Additionally, it has a safety feature that notifies them when the sock is disconnected from the app. This will help parents sleep a little easier after bringing their baby home.

Postpartum Gift Box

Unboxme Deluxe Gift Box For New Moms, Post Partum Care Package For Women, Push Present Gift Set for New Baby Girl, Baby Boy Gender Neutral Pregnancy Gift Organic Spa Gift Set (

This Postpartum Gift Box comes full of small gifts for both mom and baby. The gender-neutral gray theme is perfect for a little boy or little girl, as is the gender-neutral card that says, “Hello Little One.” It’s a great gift for after the birth of a baby, even when the baby is born prematurely.

For mom, this postpartum gift box has some super soft socks and some herbal tea. The herbal tea is full of good ingredients that promote a healthy breast milk supply, which may be really helpful if she wasn’t able to breastfeed while baby was in NICU but she plans to once the baby is healthy enough. There are also gifts for baby, including a swaddle blanket, leather booties, and a baby rattle.

Learning and Development Gifts for Preemies

Preemie Pacifiers

Ryan & Rose Cutie Preemie (Preemie, White)

These Preemie Pacifiers from Ryan & Rose are designed to grow with their developing NICU baby. It comes with two sizes of pacifiers, including Stage 1 and a Tiny size. The tiny size is best for babies that are under 35 weeks of age. In addition to growing with a premature baby, these have the benefit of having a notched shield that leaves room for CPAP and other tubes that a preemie baby may have attached to them.

In addition to the design of the shield and large breathing holes, these are designed for tiny fingers. The back has a small, braided design loop that makes it easier for their little one to hold onto the pacifier as they develop. Additionally, with the two sizes, it’s easier to transition to a standard-sized pacifier once they grow up enough to come home.

Amigurumi Octopus

Aviron Octopus Doll for Preemies, Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers - Handmade, Bright and Colorful Amigurumi Stuffed Plush Animals - 6 Inches - (White Azure)

The Amigurumi Octopus Doll from Aviron is made using crocheting and stuffing. The result is a really cute doll that complies with NICU standards. It’s made from 100% cotton and parents can even “wear” the octopus to get their scent on them, which will be comforting to their newborn. It’s tentacles also remind them of the umbilical cord, which is soothing.

In addition to the white and bright blue color pictured here, this is available in purple, green, and yellow. Parents of a preemie baby will appreciate this thoughtful gift. NICU babies will love the comfort that it provides them.

Soothie Pacifier Holder

Philips AVENT Soothie Snuggle Holder with Detachable Pacifier, Elephant, 0m+

This Soothie Pacifier Holder from Philips Avent is something NICU babies can snuggle. It comes with a size 0-3 month Philips Soothie pacifier. The Philips Soothie is most used by hospitals, but it does detach if they want to use a preemie-sized pacifier. It’s compatible with most pacifiers with ring handles.

Since the pacifier detaches, this is also really easy to clean. The pacifier can be washed in the dishwasher or sterilized, while the stuffed animal can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. There are several different characters to choose from, including a sloth, monkey, elephant, and more. Baby will love that it keeps their pacifier close and easy to find!

How We Chose Best Gifts for a Preemie Baby


Unless there are pre-existing health problems that might result in early delivery, most parents aren’t expecting a premature baby. They may not have a lot of clothing, diapers, or other important items like a car seat cushion for an extra-small baby. There are also lots of toys for development of a premature baby that make great, useful gifts.


As you choose a gift for a premature baby, you’ll want to be sure that it sends a message of thoughtfulness. In addition to gifts that the baby can actually use, it may also be helpful to buy a gift for the parents. This might encourage them to relax or provide support in a time when they need it most.


Finally, we selected gifts that would be appropriate for all types of situations. Since a premature baby includes any baby that is born before 37 weeks gestational age, some premature babies have more struggles or complications to overcome than others. We selected gifts appropriate for babies that are just a little premature, as well as gifts for babies that might be spending time in the NICU.

FAQs – Gifts for Preemies

Should I send a gift if a baby is born premature?

Buying a gift for a premature baby is a great idea, especially if you are close to one of the parents. Often, parents who have premature babies are stressed and scared. They may be worried about their little one being healthy or spending a lot of time at the hospital if their baby can’t come home. A gift is a great way to let them know you are thinking about them during their difficult time and sending good thoughts.

Are clothes a good gift for a preemie baby?

Yes, clothing makes a wonderful gift for a preemie baby. While premature babies won’t need to wear much until they are ready to come home, parents don’t always expect their baby to be born prematurely. They may not have picked out any cute going-home outfits for a premature baby. Of course, the essentials like baby booties, onesies, and nightgowns all make great gifts, too.

Should I send a congratulations card for a premature baby?

Even when a baby is born prematurely, you can send a congratulations card. Some people may not send cards or congratulations, just because in some cases the baby may not be 100% healthy. Even if the baby is born especially premature or their future is uncertain, parents will appreciate receiving love and kind words. A card communicates these things and most of all, your support, which is especially appreciated by parents going through this challenging time.

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