15 Best Gifts for Pregnant Women 2022

Oh, mama! Pregnancy can be hard, but the end result brings happiness that a person can never truly imagine! However, until your favorite pregnant women reach this magical moment, here are some of the best gifts to pamper them, ease their pains and get them ready for motherhood.

Best Gifts for Pregnant Women

AZMED Belly Band

AZMED Maternity Belt - Belly Band for Pregnant Women to Support Back/Waist/Abdomen With Belly Brace - Breathable & Adjustable For Different Stages

Did you know that lower back pain affects 71% of pregnant women? This is due to the rapid growth of a woman’s uterus. As her belly expands, the muscles and ligaments that normally support the abdominal region are stretched. This can lead to pain and discomfort in her back, belly, and pelvic regions. Thankfully, a simple remedy is to purchase an AZMED Belly Band! This maternity belt will help to provide gentle support by taking some of the pressure off of her body.

Additionally, this simple accessory is lightweight, breathable, and will improve her mobility. Furthermore, the one size fits all design features an adjustable velcro back that allows for one purchase that can span the entire pregnancy! Moreover, as an added bonus, by slightly lifting her belly, this band will also take pressure off of her bladder. This will help to cut back on the many bathroom trips that she has to make throughout the day! This is an exceptionally useful tool for expectant moms in their second and third trimesters and for those women carrying multiples.

Baby Be Mine Gown

2 in 1 Baby Be Mine Maternity Nursing Nightgown Nightdress Hospital Bag Must Have, Pregnancy Breastfeeding (Medium, Annabelle)

As her due date nears, make sure that your favorite gal pal has the proper attire for the arrival of her little one. Hospital gowns can be quite drab and they leave very little to the imagination. The Baby Be Mine Gown is the perfect ensemble for this momentous occasion. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but the straps have snap buttons that allow her to have skin-to-skin contact the moment her sweet baby enters the world. This is also a great feature for breastfeeding.

Furthermore, the empire waistline is completely adjustable. The front is also designed with two overlapping pieces of fabric that can be easily separated for when it comes time to push. Most importantly though, unlike the stereotypical gown they give you at the hospital, this one ensures that her derrière stays covered! However, it still has convenient snaps to allow the anesthesiologist quick access when it comes time for an epidural.

Moreover, this birthing gown comes in an array of colors and patterns. They even offer matching baby outfits! Lastly, the 100% jersey cotton is soft on the skin and ensures that there won’t be any irritation to those with sensitivities.

HaloVa Diaper Bag

HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack Nappy Bags for Baby Care, Large Capacity, Stylish and Durable (Dark Blue)

This gift is twofold. The HaloVa Diaper Bag is a fantastic, waterproof backpack that has ample compartments for everything the new mom to be will need for baby. Moreover, it allows for a hands-free situation, which is ideal when transporting a newborn. However, it is also an ideal tool to have on hand when she is pregnant.

Backpacks distribute the weight that you are carrying evenly across your back instead of focusing it on one side, maintaining your body’s natural gait and maintaining a balanced muscle tone.” This can aid in back pain relief and help her to keep her balance in a time when her center of gravity is constantly changing.

This large capacity diaper bag is designed to store fresh bottles in the included insulated compartment. This features fitted pockets to keep the bottles upright at all times. Best of all, when baby comes, the gender-neutral color choices make it a diaper bag that dad is guaranteed to get on board with when flying solo! Finally, this lightweight backpack is machine washable and it comes with a 2-year replacement warranty!

The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner Daily 12 Month Planner – January 2022 – December 2022 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Disc-Bound Pages – Monthly Layout – Best Mom Theme – Classic Planner 9.75” x 7.5”

A newly pregnant woman is about to be extremely busy! From doctor’s appointments to birthing classes and even a babymoon, make sure that she stays organized and that pregnancy brain doesn’t get the better of her with the help of The Happy Planner! 

This completely customizable Happy Planner also features inspirational quotes and motivational mantras to keep her strong positive throughout her pregnancy. Moreover, the removable disc tabs allow for the simple addition of notes pages, budgets no and shopping lists. This is ideal for the mom-to-be whose to-do list just expanded greatly!

Best of all, she can decorate the planner with mom and baby themed stickers that are specifically designed for this product!

UGG Dakota Slippers

UGG Women's Dakota Slipper, Pewter, 9

Pregnancy brings on a lot of weird symptoms, including a woman’s feet becoming bigger and flatter. Keep her tootsies comfy and cozy at every moment with a pair of UGG Dakota Slippers. Made with waterproof suede and lined with genuine sheep’s fur, these snug accessories are guaranteed to do the trick! 

Furthermore, the rubber soles with the non-slip base make these the perfect footwear for both indoor and outdoor activities. She can even take them to the hospital with her! Lastly, these shoes come in a plethora of color options with corresponding leather laces. 

URBNFit Exercise Ball

URBNFIT Exercise Ball - Yoga Ball in Multiple Sizes for Workout, Pregnancy, Stability - Anti-Burst Swiss Balance Ball w/ Quick Pump - Fitness Ball Chair for Office, Home, Gym

Reduce her pain and relieve her pressure with this thoughtful gift for pregnant women! The URBNFit Exercise Ball uses a PVC material with a non-slip glaze to help provide a stable base. In addition, this birthing ball is extremely durable and will not burst under pressure. In fact, it can hold up to 600 pounds!

Instead of sitting on a flat surface, your best friend can use this simple tool to improve her posture. It can even help to reposition her baby into a better spot. Moreover, choose from 11 vibrant color options. This is available in three ideal birthing ball sizes — 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm.

Researchers have found that “there were statistically and clinically significant differences in back pain level, stress and anxiety levels, as well as pressure level over the lower abdomen before and after the exercise” with a birthing ball during labor. Best of all, once she has her sweet bundle of joy, this convenient tool can also be used at the gym and in her yoga classes! Needless to say, this is surprising one of the best gifts for pregnant women!

Pink Stork Bath Salts

Pink Stork Pregnancy Flakes: Bath Salts with Pure Magnesium (Unscented), Alleviates Pregnancy Aches & Pains, Morning Sickness Relief, Women-Owned, The Best Gifts For Pregnant Women of 2021

People have been using Epsom salts since the 17th century to reduce stress, swelling and pain. They can also ease constipation symptoms, lessen leg cramps and promote sleep. This is why the Pink Stork Bath Salts is one of the best gifts for pregnant women! Made with 100% dead sea salt, this female formulated product is tailored specifically for expectant moms.

Additionally, it is made exclusively with pure magnesium — no soy, wheat, gluten, parabens or dairy are used. Thus, there is no worry about allergic reactions. She just needs to pour half a cup of this magical ingredient into a tub or foot bath and soak for 20 minutes to find amazing relief!

Pearhead Love at First Sight Frame

Pearhead Love at First Sight Sonogram Picture Frame, Ultrasound Gift, Baby Shower Gifts, Gift Registry, Grey, The Best Gifts For Pregnant Women of 2021

This is the pivotal moment where a mom-to-be finally gets to see her sweet baby for the first time and everything becomes more real! The Pearhead Love at First Sight Frame is the best way to commemorate this occasion. Choose from “love at first sight”, “coming soon” or “baby’s first selfie” in the single frame options, or go big with a triple frame for each trimester.

These frames also come in an array of wood color options and you can even select versions that have a spot for the baby’s hospital bracelet! Moreover, the company provides both an easel and a wall mount to present this lovely decor.

FridaBaby Postpartum Recovery Kit

FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit | Disposable Underwear, Ice Maxi Absorbency Pads, Cooling Witch Hazel Medicated Pad Liners, Perineal Medicated Healing Foam (11Piece Set), The Best Gifts For Pregnant Women of 2021

Postpartum is no joke and it makes going to the bathroom a very difficult affair! Thankfully, the FridaBaby Postpartum Recovery Kit is the perfect gift to help her heal comfortably. This set comes with four pairs of disposable underwear, which are much more flattering than the ones she will be given at the hospital. Moreover, it is equipped with perineal healing foam and cooling pad liners as well as the extremely important ice packs that will help to reduce swelling and provide instant relief!

Additionally, the company includes a storage caddy to ensure that the supplies for her private parts stay, private. This is one of the most thoughtful and useful gifts for pregnant women and when paired with a Frida Mom Peri Bottle, she will be ready to roll when any issue comes her way!

Jadyn B Large Duffel

Jadyn B 22, The Best Gifts For Pregnant Women of 2021

Having a baby gets you a reservation for an extremely luxurious stay at your local hospital. Just kidding — when packing for this less than a comfortable visit, you basically need to pack EVERYTHING you will need for two to three days away from home. This requires the proper tools. The  Jadyn B Large Duffel is a beautiful weekender bag that will fit everything your favorite pregnant lady needs. We specifically love the separate compartment for her shoes as well as the multiple interior and exterior storage pockets.

Moreover, this bag is weather resistant so accidental spills are not an issue and this attribute makes it very easy to clean. In addition, the adjustable padded shoulder strap allows for simple transport. It also comes in an array of patterns! Finally, this is another item that transitions perfectly for post-pregnancy use.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow, Grey U-Shape Full Body Pillow and Maternity Support - Support for Back, Hips, Legs, Belly for Pregnant Women, The Best Gifts For Pregnant Women of 2021

Sleep and pregnancy do not mix. Once a woman reaches a certain size, certain sleep positions are not recommended. In addition, let’s face it, it is always going to be hard to get comfy when you basically have a beach ball strapped to your tummy! The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow is a simple solution to this big problem! There are many styles of pregnancy pillows, but this one takes the cake. The U-shaped design allows for support of both her belly and her back. It also keeps her partially propped up, which can aid in reflux relief.

Furthermore, unlike other designs, this pillow is completely customizable featuring a detachable side. This is an optimal attribute for couples with a smaller bed size that may not accommodate this extra bedroom accessory quite as easily. Help her sleep soundly with this amazing present!

Burts Bees Gift Set

Burts Bees Gift Set, 3 Pregnancy Skin Care Products - Mama Belly Butter, Lip Balm Original Beeswax, Leg & Foot Cream, with Giftable Tin, The Best Gifts For Pregnant Women of 2021

Linea nigra, melasma, and stretch marks. Pregnancy doesn’t just affect your belly. It also changes your skin’s structure and coloring. While completely normal, this is not a symptom that most women appreciate and if not dealt with head-on, these changes can stick around for the long haul. The Burts Bees Gift Set is specifically designed to combat these types of issues.

First, the Mama Bee Belly Butter uses nourishing jojoba, shea, and cocoa butter to diminish the instance of stretch marks and dark lines (linea nigra). It will also help her skip to retain its moisture and reduce itchiness. Next. the leg and foot cream uses coconut and peppermint oils. These have a natural cooling effect, they reduce inflammation and trap in moisture.

Finally, their signature lip balm will keep her lips hydrated and refreshed. These are amazing, all-natural products that help with the odd pregnancy symptom of dry skin and lips.

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets: Ginger Raspberry Morning Sickness Candy for Pregnancy, Nausea, Digestion, 100% Organic + Vitamin B6, Women-Owned, 30 Hard Lozenges

Morning sickness is a lovely symptom that seems to sneak up any time of day or night. Worst of all, this normally peaks during the first trimester when most women are trying to keep the news about their bundle of joy quiet. The Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets are the best way to extinguish the nausea symptoms and enjoy a sweet treat at the same time. These lozenges are 100% organic and packed with ginger and vitamin B6.

Moreover, the 30 individually wrapped candies are packaged discreetly. This will allow her to easily continue to keep her secret. Additionally, they come in ginger raspberry, peppermint, and ginger mango flavors. If you are one of the lucky few who knows your friend’s news early, help her get some relief with this simple gift.

Motherhood Shirt Dress

Motherhood Maternity Women's Maternity Elbow Sleeve Side Ruched Tee Shirt Dress, Dark Purple, Medium

One of the biggest headaches about being pregnant is finding cute items to wear, without breaking the bank. The Motherhood Shirt Dress is a stylish, comfortable, and form-fitting outfit that is perfect for the mom-to-be! Not only is it extremely soft and machine washable, but it is extremely easy to find her size. That’s because the folks at Motherhood Maternity have made it to where if she is normally a size small, then she is also a size small in their maternity apparel! 

Additionally, the ruching on the side allows for the fabric to stretch, without being too tight on her ever-growing belly. Finally, the elbow-length style allows her to wear this dress year-round, making for an extremely versatile gift. She can pair it with a leather jacket and knee-high boots in the Fall or through on a sunhat and scandals in the Summer!

FRIENDS Makeup Bag

LIBIHUA New Mommy Gift,Congratulations Gift for First Time Mom,Mother To Be Ideas,Promoted to Mom,Baby Shower Presents,the One Where I Become A Mommy,Makeup Bag,Cosmetic Bag Gift

OH MY GOD! Could she be any more pregnant?! Fans of the classic sitcom Friends will think the FRIENDS Makeup Bag is “kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic”! This medium-sized cotton canvas bag is perfect for her purse or for simple bathroom storage. Moreover, the phrasing “The One Where I Become A Mommy” is printed on both sides so she can always enjoy the sentiment. Help her always be organized with this fun gift!

Buying Considerations

The Mom’s Comfort

Being pregnant takes an extreme toll on a woman’s body. Everyone knows about morning sickness and fatigue, but did you know that she will likely have itchy skin, dark patches may form on her face, she could experience extreme insomnia and her gums may bleed uncontrollably? Sounds fun right? This is why it is so important to pamper the pregnant woman in your life with gifts that ease these symptoms and make her feel special!

Look specifically for products that will moisturize, hydrate, and ease pregnancy symptoms. Moreover, avoid strong scents. You never know what the mom-to-be’s aversion will be in that moment or in the future. Finally, don’t forget about her mental health. Items that will help her stay calm and worry-free during pregnancy can be extremely beneficial.

Labor And Postpartum Care

Everyone paints a beautiful picture of what having a baby is like, but unfortunately, they leave out some not-so-pleasant details. Make sure that the pregnant women in your life have the tools they need to have a more comfortable labor and delivery process. Additionally, try to find products that will help her to heal properly.

FAQs – Gifts For Pregnant Women

What gifts should I not give pregnant women?

While a necessary item, unless she has specified size and brand, do not buy expectant moms nursing bras. It is likely that she won’t even know what she will need until right before or potentially after she gives birth. Normally, the earliest recommended time to purchase is around the 36th or 37th week. Even so, sizing can be difficult to determine until her milk comes in. If you want to gift her this item, then consider giving her a gift card. This will allow her to purchase one when she can determine the proper size.

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