100+ Funny love quotes for him/her From The Heart

funny love quotes for him
Funny love quotes for him

Having a sense of humour would always do you good even if you are in a relationship, send your partner funny love quotes for him and record their reaction towards this humble yet funny gesture.

Imagine if someone you love is only caring, kind and affectionate but not funny at all, do you imagine how life would be? Now take into account an opposite situation in mind where they are funny but not enough is done on your end to return the gesture, what you should be doing now? A dignified proposal would be to send funny love quotes for him to them so that they can appreciate the gesture of making them laugh but also cuddling their hearts with the notion of love that you sent afar.

Here are some of the reasons suggesting that you should be sending your loved ones funny quotes rather than the same old love and pain oriented ones;

Humour is a massive thing

It goes without saying that if a partner is funnier and makes the other partner laugh then their relation is ought to last even longer than many others. Humour is a great thing that you can bring into a relationship, you can be this person in this relationship. You can entertain them through your jokes and when it is time to get serious then provide them with the other side of yourself, the loving side.

Funny love quotes for him can be that something you have been looking all along to give your relationship a new beginning and steer your vehicle to more pleasant and joyful corners.

Being funny is a sign of intelligence

Many people whilst in a relationship look forward to many characteristics or qualities their loved one has or can bring into the mix. Some carve honesty, others require their partner being hot, some set over other things and some require their partner to be intelligent. While being intelligent can have various meanings but being funny is also recorded as a trait for intelligence. Go on and fulfil this wondrous aspect of your partner, be funny and remotely possessive in demonstrating your love to them and without any hindrance your love for each other would be shining brighter.

Looks are deceptive and will fade away

If you want your relationship to be based entirely over each other looks and physical sensation that turns both of you on, then you are in for an embarrassment in the end. Because looks and physical appearances will deteriorate and fade away lingering on the tides of time but other emotional settings between a relationship would still remain to make your life cozy and warm whenever you want it to be. Sending love quotes for him to your partner that also happens to be funny is a gesture and reassurance that you would be always with them through every thick and thin despite the beauty and looks for both of you comes with an expiry date.

Be creative and supportive of each other and this summer express your feelings for your partner in a humorous way by sending funny love quotes for him to them.

Funny love quotes for him

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